My purpose for studying C.I.T.

I think the main purpose for studying C.I.T is to get used to Microsoft offices because we will need to use those software in university.

I have understood many things that I did not know before, such as shortcut keys, the way of inserting videos, and so on. However, I am still confused a bit when I try to insert a graph. I do not understand very well about the axes. It is also difficult to set a chart title.

What I want to know more about is, I do not need to know but I want to, programming and macro. Those were really interesting for me when I studied in high school. And unfortunately, my pc is Japanese and the version of software is higher than that of school pc. So, I cannot do some things what I can in school at home. Therefore, I need to learn more about my pc.

It is pretty good to be taught but I feel that it is a bit waste of time sometimes because I do not have so many questions and the teacher spends his time to answer his students’ questions.