Favorite Music

This is a music video of my favorite band, BON JOVI. This is one of the latest songs they published. Take That is also my favorite goup. Here is their new song :)

FA Cup

United beat Arsenal at the FA Cup 6th round held on 12th March.

The day coming

I'm going to wacth a football match on next Saturday! It's an away game for Manchester United against West Ham.

Hello world!

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Reflection of English class

My reason for studying English is to improve my English skills in order to get a high score in IELTS and to go to university. During the last term, English class was okay. I could not understand everything because the teacher and classmate…

Reflection of this term

I have studied 3 subjects in this term so far, which are physiology, C.I.T. and English. I found physiology interesting and a bit easier because I studied the almost same things while I was in university in Japan. Some things I have learnt…