Reflection of this term

I have studied 3 subjects in this term so far, which are physiology, C.I.T. and English. I found physiology interesting and a bit easier because I studied the almost same things while I was in university in Japan. Some things I have learnt before helps me at some points but I was not a good student so there are still many new things I have to know. In that point, physiology class is quite helpful to remind me of what I have done before. In C.I.T class, I have studied how to use powerpoint, excel and word. Excel and word were okay because I like using them, especially excel, and I also like playing with layout in powerpoint but I hate giving presentation and it was really hard work. The second presentation was really difficult to understand the topic and making graphs was fun but difficult. I also had a lot of things to learn in excel. I did not know so much functions and I was surprised how clever computers are! In word, I think we did a bit, not so much. So I want to use more complicated functions and I want to try to make some advertisement posters with word. Turning to the English class, the first few weeks were okay. There was too much homework everyday but I did all of them on time. However, after the few weeks I had a horrible trouble which made me very disappointed and I did not want to do anything. I was really sad and upset. Following this, I had to go to Nottingham because of an invitation for an interview. During this travel to Nottingham, I also had some troubles such as a delay of trains and so on. This made me tired and I eventually missed 2 days including the day of interview.

What I have learnt about myself so far is that I am not fit to the class. Classmates are hard-working and teachers give us a lot of homework. Most of classmates do it on time. Some do not but they still submit their homework in the other day.