The differences between studying in UK and in Japan

In Japan, I have never had a class, which is 10-15 students in one class. From elementary to university, there are at least 35 students in each class. Especially in university, over 200 students have to take the same lecture in one large room. So, some of them have to stand.

 As for my university in Japan, the way of teaching was really disgusting. The people who teach us were not ‘teachers’. They are just scientists. They might be professors in their field but they were not professional in teaching. They also stay in their offices usually and the building where there are the offices are different from the building where we have lessons. So, it was difficult to see the teachers to ask questions.

 In contrast, the teachers at Bellerbys are familiar and it is easy to ask them questions.

 As regards deadlines, there is a bit of flexibility at Bellerbys while my university was very strict on deadlines. Some teachers had flexibility but others did not. So, if we could not hand in our assignments on time, they never received them.